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What do white painted curbs mean?

White painted curbs indicate loading zones for freight or passengers.

White painted curbs indicate no loading zones.

White painted curbs indicate loading zones for passengers or mail.

White painted curbs indicate a no loitering area.

None of the above.

Our Permit Practice Tests

Each of our DMV permit practice tests covers questions right out of the state driver’s manual. Each driving test consists of multiple-choice questions covering all of the required driver’s license topics. Here is a sample list of a few questions found in this permit practice test.

  • Unless prohibited by a sign, when may you turn left at a red light?
  • Which traffic lane should you be in if you are traveling 47 mph on a highway with a speed limit of 55 mph?
  • How far ahead should you look when you are driving in the city?
  • What is the minimum safe following distance under most road conditions?
  • What is the correct left-hand turn signal?
  • If another driver is following too close, what should you do?
  • Driving while eating, drinking, angry, ill, or texting are all examples of _________.
  • Do broken yellow lines separate traffic lanes going in the same direction?
  • What does a pentagon-shaped sign mean?
  • What should you do when experiencing glare from the headlights of an oncoming vehicle at night?
  • If you see a vehicle approaching in your lane, what should you do?
  • White square or rectangular signs with white, red, or black letters or symbols are usually what kind of road signs?
  • If more than one vehicle arrives at a 4-way stop simultaneously, which vehicle goes first?
  • If you are on a highway entrance ramp and have to wait for a gap in traffic before you can enter the roadway, what should you do?
  • When parking on a downgrade with a curb, which way should you turn your wheels, if any?
  • If you plan to pull into a driveway just after an intersection, when should you signal?

Although the actual permit tests have fewer than 50 questions, the only way to be prepared for the test is to study and learn all of the information. If you can answer all of our permit test questions with a score of 100%, we are confident you can pass, and obtain a driver's learner’s permit the first time.

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