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Passing the California driver's license test can be easier than you might think using online practice tests to prepare. Using the California driving manual and our 360 practice test questions, it can be a cinch. We have random multiple choice CA permit tests, with questions right out of the manual to help you prepare. While taking these practice exams, you will be able to see the correct answer should you choose incorrectly, so you will know how you are doing during the test.

Each of our free California DMV permit tests is graded at the end of each test, listing each test question and your answer so you will know where you need improvement. Read the California driver's license manual a few times and then use our practice exams as many times as you like for free. We hope you enjoy the tests and share this resource on Facebook. Good luck with passing your CA learner's exam.

Get the 2019 California Driver's Handbook

Get the new California DMV driver's license study guide to prepare for the learner's permit exam here. After reading and studying the information, use our free California permit practice tests to gauge your progress before testing. We have multiple tests covering each section of the real written driving test. Pass all of the general practice exams and the road sign tests with a score of 100 percent, and you will be ready to get your California driver's license. Using online practice websites are a proven and effective learning/study method for improving driver test scores.

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